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About Bound For Glory

Bound For Glory is a half hardcore guild, looking for a shot at every content available.
Our approach is less stressful than average guilds, most of the guildies know each other from more than a year now, we have our rules and times, and we roll fine.
This project is trying to re-join all together the main protagonist of what GRODT guild has been last year, a real surprise, PvE wise.
I'm really happy to welcome you in this new era, may it be as interesting as it was last year!
- Marco -

We also like to SHINE!


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by Edamner, 3407 days ago

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First raid after summer break: the Trial of the Crusade!

by Siarit, 3440 days ago

And we one shotted all first three bosses after the break.

So easy that we forgot to take pictures, we'll add them next week.

Good Job everyone.

And now back to Ulduar!

- Marco -

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Game Over. YS is no more!

by Siarit, 3478 days ago

Finally we got there!

Costed us some long nights of wipes, stress, repair bills, swears, flames.

But we worked it out. Yesterday it was simply amazing, i must admit i was jumping around my room when we got the kill, i was sweating during p3, yelling, barking.

But the Teamspeak voice and joy explosion was just fantastic, was worth being there. It was like everyone released stress all together, as if a tough rock was lifted away from our character heart. Awesome.

And it is indeed even better if you look at all the after raid talk on TS to work out what was going wrong, at all those guys and girls spending hours on the Dummies improving, because there's never a limit to improvement in this game (it's the great part of it).

I can proudly say that Yogg Saron contributed in making us a better guild but in particular because it just pushed us to cooperate, to spend time together helping eachother out. The progress, the websites, the listing..all of that comes after.

What really matters is that, for a change, this was not a kill achieved merely through pixels, but was definitively gained thank to the human feelings behind the screen.

So i really want to list people that made this possible on a hot hot hot Sunday night:

Edamner, Fierabras, Aurelius, Siarit, Rurikred, Asusa, Aymerich, Nisou, Elunia, Mari, Gilla, Sx, Mixiny, Malus, Nefele, Hiddentiger, Kovalaks, Dawain, Degoblast, Tisione, Darlem, Talman, Virus, Prower, Iridal.

Forum Image

Side notes:

- Thanks to Degoblast, Mari and Elu for the impressive output damage.

- Thanks to all the melee (our beloved groups 4 WEST FFS and group 5 EAST CMON) for the H U G E upgrade in speed and target focusing.

- Thanks to all the focused dps outside that made it possible without dotters.

- Thanks to all those that weren't there tonight, because each of you made this possible, building step by step the achievement.

- Thanks to you all, for the patience you bear towards me, my yells, my swears, my breaths and my italian talk.

- And, honestly, thanks to me, for all the patience I have towards you all!

Much Love.

Now on with hard modes...because if you thought it was over until 3.2, you definitively don't know me.

Read up and get shiny, ready..and with mains logged in!

Long live BFG, a real GRODT spirit flows in here..and for those that ignore what this's a damn good thing in the end.

- Marco -

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There goes the YS 10

by Siarit, 3497 days ago

Didn't really ask us much time to get a flawless kill, which means almost no cloud triggering in p1, a complete clear of all kind of tentacles outside in p2, and an easy add management in p3.

This is the ease of YS in its 10 men shape, summarizing.

The hard bit will be to get such an ease of playing even in the 25 men content, might ask sometime because of the multiple sides through which a wipe can come any second really.

So gratz to those people putting many efforts both on Fridays (less than 3 hours to kill everything in one shot till YS itself) and Sunday (in which, as you can see, we got the final boss, and also the 4 minute kill achievement on Ignis):

Edamner, Fierabras, Siarit, Elunia, Skalsebasse, Mari, Prower, Gahan, Laureen, Steiner, Degoblast, Drazan.

Forum Image

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BFG is the Chief, the General is no more

by Siarit, 3497 days ago

And here we go again, another boss kill flagged, once more to go.

Quite easy fight as soon as you get the drill of having a good timing on the vapors all over the place.

Now Yogg Saron will be the real, ultimate challenge, then on with some hard modes before we get 3.2 kicking in (shouldn't be any soon though).

So congratulations to all the people that were there for the kill, and special gz to the loot winners.

Forum Image

- Marco -

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BFG and the gnum slaughter.

by Siarit, 3512 days ago

The mum of all gnums doesn't stand a chance!

At the second night of tries we made it! Kill achievement was defo boosted by all the 10 men experience (the day before we got him even there).

Apart from Steiner feeling the urge of dying in the start (or almost) of all tries, we managed to survive the second phase, the hardest healing wise, going through pretty easily.

And there the BFG spirit showed: despite having everything under control, all of a sudden a lot of people were getting oneshotted! Luckily we had the kill coming anyway, but for a while those 1% famous wipes (BT / MH days) came back to haunt me.

Luckily we didn't let the ghosts from the past to take over us, and the kill came anyway!

Very good job, this is the first of 3 tough bosses, that leads to a full clear of Ulduar! Then hard modes will be our new aim (keep farming money for flasks and repair then).

Forum Image

Now on with General Vezax (that yday we two shotted in 10 men, but that showed all his coordination needs in a few tries after Mimiron 25men kill).

Congratulations to all the people that were there for the kill and special gz to the loot winners, as usual.

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BFG, nature love and pretty women.

by Siarit, 3518 days ago

In the same night in which we got Thorim down for the first time in 25 men, also Freya joins the club of bosses biting the dust under BFG smelly feet.

Already past week we managed to get in touch with the boss, and only a lack of focus in the piss easy p2 didn't let me post this picture earlier.

Once we solved the usual focus / target issues, it went so smoothe that Edamner had to put some thrill on the fight, with an imba Death Grip on a Snaplasher PULSING with about 1533245 stacks: that mob oneshotted him and his progeny (for sure!).

Tho overall an awesome raid, where we could get a second kill of the Assembly of Iron, showing both the ease of the fight and our focus that night.

Congratulations to everybody, even Marcano who died even for the critter hits after Thorim and despite him talking to Freya screwing a picture, we'll add that next week.

And special grats to the loot winners. Keep it up!

Forum Image

Mimiron is the next...and i'm already trembling!

Attendance, focus, commitment and pizza are the 4 requirements to kill the next 3 bosses, in order to finish Ulduar as well.

Last note: in two days we can be easily on Mimiron, so we got all the time needed to progress further!

- Marco -

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BFG = [High twenty-five: Arena masters]

by Siarit, 3518 days ago

There goes Thorim as well!

After a couple nights of tries we found out how to make everything smoother in the arena and how to fix things all along the gauntlet as well: we just acted as things were definitively harder than expected.

So good to see these bosses going down, so good to see us proceeding now at a good speed. But easy bosses are about to be over, the real match is starting soon.

Congratulations to all the people that made the kill possible, even the melee that blew up sistematically in phase 2 on the spark faceroll damage.

Special GZs to the loot winners.

Now on with Freya!

Forum Image

- Marco -

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BFG doesn't like threesomes!

by Siarit, 3523 days ago

Our ethical policy forced us to stop those 3 perv mobs! We already have too many depravated guys in here to let mobs wandering around abusing *sand*!

After a night of tries, where clearly setup was far from being the correct one, we decided a few days later that it was time to get some revenge! Splitting 1 tank for each mob and highering a bit the healing power made it. The assembly is no more!

The kill came Tuesday the 26th, the day after Hodir's, despite the guild being under uber declining mode on! We couldn't even reach the 25 ordinary people: but this prolly tickled focus and will, so here we can proudly add another picture of us proceeding into Ulduar.

Another proof of our good focus and raid performance is that even having about half the raid ignoring Freya tactics and videos, we were able to set the basis to kill the biatch next reset, with a good job on the waves. Only an unlucky mix of happenings (aka green exploding roots in p2, the easiest phase & 1-2 tree uncut) got us away from achieving another deserved kill.

Next ID is the time!

Gratz to all the people that were there despite all the casuals!

Keep it up!

Forum Image

- Marco -

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BFG melting stuff kkthxbb

by Siarit, 3523 days ago

On Monday the 25th, BFG in its first night of 25 tries came and pwnt Hodir, another good performance of our members.

Snow mounds were learned in a couple of tries, and the kill came flawless.

And with this kill we are at number 7 bosses down in 25 men: might not be an absolutely high number, but considering our lately exciting turnover and the usual real life issues instagibbing some of us, it's still a fair achievement.

Now on with Iron Council, Thorim and Freya!

Gratz to all the ones that were there for the kill, the standbyers and in particular Elunia's Mind Vision, saving me from a lot of boring typing /target <insert random annoying npc name> stuff.

Forum Image

- Marco -

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